Consideraciones antes de la adopción de un perro

Things to consider before having a dog

You want a dog? That’s great. Your future loyal companion will be happy and will thank you. But don’t rush into finding your favorite pet. Your love for the animal is very important, but you should know that the decision to have an animal as a roommate requires much more than your affection. Keep in mind that you are being responsible of a creature that is entirely dependent on us humans, a creature that needs attention, care, more attention, sacrifice, and patience.

Therefore, ask yourself the following questions before having a dog:

  1. Have I thought well which dog suits my living conditions?
  2. Can I make the dog run long enough?
  3. Do I have the patience and time needed for a dog?
  4. Does the property management allow you to have a dog?
  5. Do I have the money for food, taxes, insurance and the vet?
  6. Will I still be able to take care of my dog just as well in ten years?
  7. Do all family members agree to have a dog as a housemate?
  8. Is the accommodation and care of the dog regulated on holiday?
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