El cuidado de los gatos

The care of cats

A quiet traffic area with lots of green is a suitable home for cats, where they can always get away whenever they want.

Outdoor activities enrich the daily lives of cats, as they can discover and live their exploratory behavior better than when kept exclusively indoors. It is important for cats who are regularly outdoors to have their way back home always opened for them. This is very easy to achieve by installing cat doors.

However, it should be noted that road traffic can suppose a serious risk for cats. Especially kittens can easily have accidents during their first patrols. Special caution is required here. If a cat moves into the house, it should first stay indoors for a few weeks. This way they get used to their new home and find it easier once they´re away.

In their first getaways, not only kittens but also older cats must be accompanied by their owner. This way you can observe how well the animal can judge the traffic and in case of doubt in the way back. Therefore, outdoor activities are only really useful in quiet traffic areas.

If the cat owner decides to have it exclusively inside the house, he must make sure that the cat can live in a comfortable way and that it is not kept alone, if possible.

In addition, the cat owner has an obligation to spend several hours a day with his four-legged friend. Unfortunately experience shows that many indoor cats get bored in a long term, especially if they´re left alone. Therefore, the owner should think about this before getting a cat and choosing at least two well-tolerated cats as apartment cats. This recommendation is valid regardless of the owner’s job because the life situation can also change.

Considering the cat’s natural way of life, a two-bedroom apartment for pure accommodation with a maximum of two animals is the least they should have. In such apartment, animals can avoid each other and can also be away from humans in another room. At the same time, the apartment offers more variety than a big sized one-bedroom apartment due to the division into several bedrooms (living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom).

A furnished cat-friendly apartment can be recognized for its three-dimensional design. For cats, spaces of privacy are very important. Inside the flat there must be several hiding places at different heights. Common hiding places are under sofas, beds, in wall cabinets, shelves, baskets and cardboard boxes. The quality of the room can be increased for the cat with very simple things – distributing small patchwork carpets on the floor, overhangs on sofas and beds, shelves of clear books or baskets for gentle furnished cats.

Cats love elevated seats and resting places, heat and dryness. Sunlight on the floor is very important to them. Many cats seek the heat of the sun in summer and like to lie down in warm places in winter. The apartments can be distributed with seats next to windows, on shelves or by scraping trees and can be made more varied by access to the balcony. Opened balconies and windows must, however, be secured by bars to prevent falls or entrapments. Unfortunately, it often happens that birds or other flying animals attract curious animals and get them to make careless movements.

Cat care includes fur care. Especially long-haired animals should be brushed or combed regularly. When the fur is brushed, the cat can be scanned for skin parasites such as ticks or fleas at the same time. The cat owner should also check the cat’s teeth and ears regularly. The unpleasant smell of the mouth may indicate that the cat has a rotten tooth or gum disease. Brushing your cat’s teeth regularly can help. Dirt in the ears may be an indication of parasites, but it is best to leave ear cleaning to a veterinarian. If your cat gets used to a regular caring, it will stay calm and let you do it without any complains. Making the visit to the vet become a habit will always help.

What does the cat need when moving?

Before a cat enters the house, the most important utensils that should already be available are:

  • a basket or a box to hide
  • a blanket
  • two spacious cat baths (without lid) made of hard plastic, as well as storing little dust, which should be changed regularly
  • a feeding bowl and a bowl of water
  • high quality cat food, adapted to the needs of the animal
  • a transport box, in which the animal can be safely transported, for example, to the vet
  • one or more scratching boards or also a strong scraping mat
  • something to climb to

As cats like to sharpen their claws – to sharpen them, but also to mark them – cat lovers often care about their curtains and furniture. To prevent furniture damage, each cat should have a scratching board or pole available. A really sturdy climbing object also serves as a raised observation deck that every cat loves. As for the sleeping basket, not all cats will use it. Many prefer to find themselves a suitable place on the floor. It is best to offer the animal several places to sleep and hide.

Playing with cats

Cats like to play. They have a preference for everything that runs, rolls or flies. As a toy, it could be for example a piece of crumpled paper, a ball, a roll of larger empty thread or even an empty cardboard box.

With such game equipment, a cat can be left wonderfully alone. It’s even more fun when the human companion is invited to play and tirelessly rolls balls around the house or plays the “mice” with fabric shreds tied to ropes. You should always be careful because they could swallow things such as threads or pointed objects.

A cat’s education
A cat enters the house