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12.The cat is not a loner, but independent 
Although cats have remained pets for thousands of years, they have kept many of their natural behaviors. People have a great fascination for cats.  
13.Cat nutrition 
In natural conditions the cat is a predatory animal. The "domestic cat" diet must be adapted to natural needs to keep the body healthy. 
14.A cat's education 
A good education begins with mutual understanding. A pet owner should know and observe the behavior of cats and the special characteristics of these. 
15.The care of cats 
A quiet traffic area with lots of green is a suitable home for cats, where they can always get away whenever they want.   
16.A cat enters the house 
The best age to adopt a young cat from its mother is in their 10th - 12th week of life. At this age kittens are weaned of their mother and get used to their new family and environment.  
17.Caring of dogs 
Depending on the nature of your dog's fur, you may need to brush or fix it more or less often.  
18.Maintaining a dog 
Dogs are very social creatures. In natural conditions, they spend their entire lives in a family-oriented social structure consisting of solid structures and bonds. 
19.Dog nutrition 
The dog is not a recycler. It needs a type of food that adapts to the specific and individual needs of its species.  
20.Things to consider before having a dog. 
You want a dog? That's great. Your future loyal companion will be happy and will thank you.  
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