TARA is a 6 year old Bull Terrier.

She has a story of overcoming to which you can add the happy ending that she deserves. Our little girl was rescued on the verge of sacrifice, unable to be with people and dogs. After a lot of effort and after being in residence with an educator, he is able to be with more furry ones, he has made incredible progress.

You can socialize and play with other dogs as long as they are calm and do the introductions beforehand.

At home, if you leave her with her toy, she behaves great, but she has to be alone since she doesn’t like to share them.

Not suitable with cats.

You need a family that has experience with your breed and continue working with it, so your adoption must be in Madrid or surroundings. In addition to having leishmania controlled, its adoption is at a cost of €0. Do you want a faithful friend for life? TARA has a lot of love to give.

  • Special knowledge is required
About me
Bull Terrier

My personality
  • Family friendly
  • Gets along with females

SOS PPP España

We rescue, rehabilitate and find a home for potentially dangerous abandoned dogs that have suffered any type of abuse. Our trajectory begins by setting up a platform for disseminating dogs classified as potentially dangerous, and for information and guidance on legal issues. After a turning point, we decided to take care of our own rescues and awareness, in addition to sponsoring other protectors with more expenses. From there we created a complete rescue and adoption protocol. All this struggle is carried out voluntarily and without any help from the state, that is why we ask for your help; be it donating, adopting or even volunteering.

Opening hours

We do not have a physical shelter, we work with residences and shelters, so we do not have any timetable.
SOS PPP España
SOS PPP España

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