He doesn’t deserve to spend the rest of his life in a cage …

A confinement of more than 4 and a half years … Simba (6 years) entered our refuge at the end of September 2016. If we make approximate calculations, we speak of 1,642 days living in a cage.

He is a dog who still does not understand what he is doing there, and what is expected of him. Because of this, he is suspicious and may even try to bite. He needs someone to give him back what he was denied, the love of a family and patience to regain confidence in the human being. These days that many of us do not leave home, perhaps, we can understand a little more about the abandoned animals that live locked in a cage …

If you want to give Simba a chance, write to us at with your phone.

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Mutt (Mixed)

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Societat Protectora d’Animals de Mataró

We have been working since 1971 with the aim of welcoming, protecting and promoting the adoption of abandoned animals. We manage shelters with a protectionist philosophy, we fight for the lives of animals and we work day after day to prevent their suffering. Our task is also informative: we make society aware of responsible pet ownership, animal rights, the benefits of adoption and good coexistence between animals and citizens.

Societat Protectora d’Animals de Mataró
Societat Protectora d’Animals de Mataró

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