Shiva, friend of dogs and cats, limited vision.

Being very small I was left alone in the street, I was afraid, cold and hungry. I got into a tube that was in a wall and I stayed there, I’ve been living there hidden for many months. Thanks to some people who put food for the kittens in the area I was able to survive, I went out when there was no one to feed and drink a little and I returned to my hole where I felt safe.

But one day I got very sick, my eyes hurt a lot and I could hardly see. But my home was small, a small tube and a few steps away from water and food. Although I felt very alone and unprotected, there were some people who knew of my existence and were attentive, when they saw me sick and almost blind, they rescued me and took me to the vet.

Now I am protected, safe and well fed, I see very little, but I am very happy. Although I know I can’t stay here, there are other kittens waiting on the street to be rescued and I have to go. But it is not easy to find a home and even less for a kitten with limited vision, I can lead a normal life, but I am special.

I am beautiful, young, affectionate, I get along well with cats, dogs, humans… and above all I need an urgent home.

Adoptions will take place in the community of Madrid and nearby towns.

The animals are delivered chipped, vaccinated, dewormed, FIV/FeLV tested, castrated or castrated according to age or health status.

A pre-adoption visit will be made to the home and monitoring of the animals.

Security measures are necessary in windows to avoid accidents, such as nets, metal mosquito nets…

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Mutt (Mixed)

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Asociación Lara

LARA is a non-profit association dedicated for helping cats.

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Asociación Lara
Asociación Lara

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    Mutt (Mixed)


    Mutt (Mixed)