💬 #Murcia is going to make history❗️

🗞Have you read the newspaper today? We have read something that has made us very happy, since we love animals and the 🌍 that contains them

🙌🏻And it turns out… The #marmenor is one step away from being the first ecosystem with its own rights in Europe❗️

And… if the 🌊 breathes, so do we and it’s a victory for all

🔖R O M A #enadopcion ➖ Macho ➖ Pastor mix ➖ Size L

He is a darling, ideal for you if you have an active lifestyle and want him to be your adventure partner, we imagine him bathing in a clean minor sea, running through the mountains, always faithful to the side of the person who saves him from being in a cage…

💭 He deserves a REAL family, forever

⫸ The kennel and its management are completely saturated, there is no room for more cases, we need adoptions / fosters to be able to continue saving more lives

📍If you can HOST, write to the email 📧, the protector also assumes her veterinary expenses, in Murcia.

📍If you want to SPONSOR or ADOPT write to the email 📧, and ask for the adoption form, all our animals can travel ✈🇪🇦🇪🇺 and we help you manage it.

  • Good for Beginner
About me
Mutt (Mixed)

My personality
  • Sociable
  • Family friendly
  • Gets along with males
  • Gets along with females

Asociación Protectora de Animales de Molina de Segura

In 2010 we created a group to help the animals of the municipal kennel of Molina de Segura, who had no opportunities since responsible adoptions were not even disseminated or promoted, They were waiting to be euthanized there: puppies, elderly, sick, healthy... Cats were always the great forgotten, without even facilities for them, so we had to start sheltering them in our homes, where many of them continue to live after years and are already part of our families. We currently still do not have cat facilities From the moment we entered the kennel our lives changed forever. We have fought a lot throughout these years to attend and give opportunities to each of the animals that arrived victims of abuse and abandonment. To this day we continue the fight, we have achieved many of our goals and saved hundreds of lives, but it is getting more and more uphill due to the number of abandonments that reach us and in such terrible conditions. In addition, as it is the management of a zoosanitary center, we still have not achieved adequate facilities for cats and for many other animals that enter: donkeys, pigs, rabbits, sheep. etc.

Opening hours

Tuesday - Saturday, from 12:00 to 14:00. Closed on Monday and Sunday.
Asociación Protectora de Animales de Molina de Segura
Asociación Protectora de Animales de Molina de Segura

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