He is a medium-sized 7-year-old male (20 – 22 kg), although he is very playful and affectionate and sometimes seems to still be a baby. He loves sunbathing, he can spend hours. It is a very friendly dog, at home it behaves very well, although it likes to go out on the balcony from time to time to bark at a neighbor. He is a bit stubborn and a bit rough playing.

He has had surgery on his rear left leg, so sometimes, after an intense game or a bad jump, he stays sore for a few days.

He has been in houses with other stable dogs and cats living together and has had no problem adapting and forming a pack soon.

  • Special knowledge is required
About me
Mutt (Mixed)

My personality
  • Sociable
  • Gets along with males
  • Gets along with females

Asociación Ladridos Vagabundos

Greetings, barks from our four-legged friends! We present our non-profit association dedicated, as far as possible, to rescuing, treating, caring for, sheltering and looking for new homes for furry ones who have had the misfortune of falling into the wrong hands and, as a general rule, ending up abandoned.

Asociación Ladridos Vagabundos
Asociación Ladridos Vagabundos

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    Mutt (Mixed)