Recovering little by little.

Associations are often called exaggerated and make adoptions difficult because we ask for security measures for the animals. Although we explain that it is about avoiding accidents, most of the time people ignore it and “get” a cat by other means.

Well, this is a real case of what we want to avoid. The other day we received a call: a cat had fallen from a fourth floor, had multiple fractures and his life was in danger. In addition, the lady could not even face the veterinary consultation. And there is the true victim of all this, a kitten of just 5 months between life and death for having been given to a lady without the means to support him and without the minimum security measures.

These falls are avoidable with a simple cat net and mosquito nets and, if someone does not want to put them up for aesthetic reasons, they are putting their balcony looking prettier before the life of an animal, so they are not qualified to have it.

Now little Domingo is still hospitalized and we are going to do everything in our power to get him ahead and get him the home he deserves.

Domingo, he is in a foster home and although we still do not know what consequences may be left, we know that there is a family that wants to provide love and lots of pampering.

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Asociación en Defensa y Ayuda a los Animales Abandonados. ADAANA

We do not have shelter, we work with shelters that are distributed in the Province of Valencia. The Vilamarxant dog residence collaborates with us for complex cases.

Asociación en Defensa y Ayuda a los Animales Abandonados. ADAANA
Asociación en Defensa y Ayuda a los Animales Abandonados. ADAANA

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