Daya went into the village house of one of the girls from the protector and spent several days there. Hers She had no owner, so we decided to take care of her.

She has been in foster care for a while and is ready to go adopted. When she arrived she was hiding and would not let herself be touched. She needs time and patience when she changes places and people, but making a proper adaptation is pure love. She’s kind of skittish but then she just wants to be petted all the time. In addition, she is very social with cats, she is very guided by what they do, so it would be ideal if she were adopted by a family with more cat companions.

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About me
Mutt (Mixed)

My personality
  • Family friendly
  • Gets along with males
  • Gets along with females
Zarpas y Colmillos
Zarpas y Colmillos

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