This precious bodeguero (wine-cellar rat-hunting dog) was abandoned in a box with his four little brothers. He was born on approximately 3/30/2022 and will be small-medium sized dog when he grows up.
Anakin is strong and healthy and ready to find a forever home. The family that adopts him must understand that a puppy implies that he will get into mischief, break things, pee and poop and bite everything with his little crocodile teeth. This requires a lot of patience and perseverance during the learning period.

Our Anakin is in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. We DO NOT SEND PUPPIES, so if the potential adopter is from abroad, he will have to come and pick you up in person.
If you want to adopt Anakin, send us a message and we will explain the adoption process.

  • Guard dog
  • Hunting instinct
  • Good for Beginner
About me
Mutt (Mixed)

My personality
  • Sociable
  • Family friendly
  • Gets along with males
  • Gets along with females

Brigada Animalista

We are the Animalist Brigade Animal Rescue Association, we are dedicated to rescuing abandoned, mistreated or at-risk animals, we rehabilitate them and find them a home through responsible adoption. We have a small shelter and we also work with foster homes. We rescue nearly 400 animals a year, we do not receive any type of government aid, we do completely altruistic work and we subsist thanks to small donations, markets or solidarity events.

Brigada Animalista
Brigada Animalista

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