El mantenimiento de un perro

Maintaining a dog

Dogs are very social creatures. In natural conditions, they spend their entire lives in a family-oriented social structure consisting of solid structures and bonds. Each member assumes a certain role in it. In this way the group of dogs ensures their survival.

Today’s domestic dogs recognize humans as a social partner in the course of domestication. To strengthen this relationship, the dog needs clear rules from the beginning. Only then he knows what you expect from him and his place.

Close coexistence with you is very important for the dog. If you lock your dog in a kennel or leave it alone for hours, it contradicts your natural need for social contact. Frustration-related behavioral disorders are preprogrammed. When you adopt a dog, you win a new family member. You should treat the animal in the same way and not exclude it from the community.

The most important utensils you need as a dog owner are a bowl of food and water, a matching necklace or harness and a leash. With toys, such as a ball it can’t chew and a chewing bone that your dog can bite, you provide it with something to do. In return, he’ll forgive your good shoes. You will also need a brush, comb and/or scraper for regular grooming, depending on the length and texture of your dog’s hair.

Because the dog needs a permanent place of retreat and rest, he should buy a basket, a mat or – for larger dogs, for example – a sofa cushion or a worn mattress. Make sure the dog’s place is somewhere with no air currents in the apartment that the dog always has access to. In any case, avoid it of lying on a cold stone floor for a long time. Otherwise, it may have cystitis or inflammation of your kidneys.

Dogs are animals that run with a great need of activity and therefore need to run daily, usually over long distances. If you keep you walk your dog exclusively on a leash or, or even worse, locked it in a kennel, it will not be able to satisfy its need of movement. If you let him vent during regular walks, get new impressions and also have the opportunity to play with your congeners, this will have a positive effect on the well-being and health of the dog. However, if it does very little exercise, occupation and exercise, you risk behavior changes and overweight problems, which could lead to heart problems and bone or joint diseases. Not all dogs require similar amounts of exercise and effort. Of course, this also depends on your age, size, breed and overall health status.

For the dog to do “potty’’, you should walk him about four times a day. Always remember that the walk is mainly for the dog and to give it time. It is their social behavior to sniff extensively, seek contact with other dogs and mark “their territory’’. In no case should the dog potty in the front gardens, in the green areas and in the playgrounds, for example in a sandpit, or on the sidewalks. You must pick up his excrement with a small bag. With your consideration you contribute to a good relationship between dog owners and those who are not.

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