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Become a hero and give a pet a new home! Browse Spain and find the animal that suits you. In adoptas.org you can also become a sponsor or simply donate directly to your favorite animal (home).


  • Easy navigation or targeted search
  • Easy handling and intuitive operation
  • Only animal shelters of Spain
  • Become a hero or godfather of an animal shelter or donate directly
  • Completely free
  • No registration needed
  • Direct contact with shelters
  • Save time and money

Introduce your animals in Spain with a few clicks and find a new home for your pets quickly and easily. The set-up is intuitive and fast. adoptas.org is only for animals in Spain and remains completely free for shelters and animal finders, I promise! As an animal shelter you also benefit from new sponsors and direct donations from animal friends.


  • Presentation of its animals throughout the Spanish-speaking area.
  • Easy handling and intuitive operation
  • Fast and targeted placement
  • Completely free
  • New sponsorships
  • Direct donations
  • Only animal shelters in Spain
  • It's very easy to display your animals here. The filters are intuitive and can be done in no time.


Thanks to the heroes of animal shelters, animals do not have any kind of homes, they have real homes.


  • Shorter stay in the shelter
  • Reducing the risk of disease
  • Less stress
  • They'll meet accurately.
  • Direct donations and sponsorships
  • A home and not a home
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