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¡Conviértete en un héroe!

Become a hero!

Give a pet a new home full plenty of love! allows you to find the animal of your dreams by contacting shelters throughout Spain. Through you can also act as a sponsor of one or more pets, donating to help them while they wait to find a new home.

Under our motto “Adopt, don’t buy” we seek to help all animal lovers who want to adopt a pet.


Our pet finder is very simple and comfortable to use. We have made an effort to offer you a platform that is very easy to use.

The animal shelters we help are located exclusively in Spanish territory and are distinguished by their attention to animal welfare. Through you will have a simple and intuitive way to communicate with them.

The service works without registration and is completely free, non-profit. You will save time and money!

Are you a shelter? offers shelters across Spain an intuitive platform to help their pets find a new home. The way to post ads is quick and simple. is dedicated exclusively to Spanish animals and is free for shelters and anyone looking for one to adopt.

Shelters will also benefit from donations from our users as the welfare of the animals always comes first.

¿Eres un refugio o protectora?
The platform is active in Spain and offers support to all shelters in the country. The ads will be visible throughout the country. is a non-profit platform and allows shelters to gain new sponsors and direct donations from those who care about animal welfare.
New members everyday!

A platform by and for animals

Thanks to the heroes who work in shelters, abandoned pets can have a cozy place to live and hopefully find a family to take them in. was created to facilitate the process of placing animals in these shelters and at the same time to raise much needed funds for the welfare of the animals that live there.

We help pets find a home as quickly as possible by reducing their stay in shelters. Animal welfare comes first. Greater speed in the search for a home allows us to reduce the risk of diseases in our animals.

Una plataforma por y para los animales