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He has a problem with his palate and needs a home to save his life ...

Rocosso is 8 years old and has an elongation of the palate and laryngeal paralysis. He chokes when he breathes and, if we don't operate on him, at any moment he could suffocate. We have already performed the first intervention (elongation of the palate) and, once he recovers, we will operate on him for laryngeal paralysis. At that time it will be essential for Rocosso to live in a home because, for a time, he will have to eat food with a specific and special position. Rocosso is a charming dog and, in addition, he arrived together with his companion, already adopted. He therefore he could live with any female making a good adaptation. Please give Rocosso a chance. Write to and ask for him. And if you cannot adopt but want to collaborate, you can do it from here:

Mutt (Mixed)
Fur short
Familiy friendly
Gets along with female dogs
Castrated / Sterilized
Current Home
Societat Protectora d’Animals de Mataró
Ctra NII Km 648,4
08301 Mataró
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