Coco was a victim of human irresponsibility ...

Coco is a dog who is 7 years old and he has practically all his life in the shelter: he is one more victim of the irresponsibility of some people. He was caught as a puppy, but he had no contact with dogs or people, and when he was about 2 years old they brought him to us because he had bitten. When we saw him we couldn't help but shudder: he was a dog paralyzed by fear, with a look of panic and totally gasped. His own fear showed it in the form of aggressiveness when we approached. He had, and still is, afraid of everything: unexpected noises and gestures, objects that he does not know, unknown people. It is a very clear case of a dog not socialized or with environments, or with people or with other dogs, and from an animal shelter, although we have managed to get him to bond with some of his caregivers and spend calm in open spaces, we cannot do more for him ... But we don't want to give up, because we think that for all abandoned dogs there has to be a family. We know that it is not easy, he is not a dog that can go with any family, but we think that perhaps somewhere there is the possibility of a new and better life for him ... What profile are we looking for? A calm person, with experience with dogs with fear and reactivity problems. A person willing to come to the shelter indefinitely until the dog trusts him / her. Due to the difficulty that he has to bond with people, it is convenient that the person lives alone and without children. Highly recommended that you live in a rural and quiet area. This person must be very clear that he is a dog that has always been isolated and is not socialized at all, and that with some routines the dog, little by little, will lose its fears. In addition, it is necessary for Coco to have an area or room where he can feel safer and that is not passing through, a place where you can leave him if visitors come home and everyone can be safe and calm. Despite not being a potentially dangerous dog, you must have insurance. We know that we ask a lot, but we also think that if we do not ask and do not look for it, poor Coco will end his days in an animal shelter, and no living being deserves to die alone ... If you are this person we are looking for, Please, you can write to, indicating your contact telephone number. And if you cannot adopt but want to collaborate, you can do it from here:

Mutt (Mixed)
Fur short
Sepcial knowledge is required
Castrated / Sterilized
Current Home
Societat Protectora d’Animals de Mataró
Ctra NII Km 648,4
08301 Mataró
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