Donations Policy

For administrative purposes, the FUNDACIÓN ALEJANDRO DAVIDOVICH may request personal information from donors through its website. As such, using our website to make a donation signifies that you have read and accept our donations and privacy policy.

On our webpage, there are two different kinds of donation: One-off donations and regular donations (the latter are monthly, quarterly or yearly). One-off donations can be made either via POS (we use the secure platform RedSys), Bizum or bank transfer.

Don’t worry, in no case will we save your bank details.

Minimum donation and required documentation

In accordance with money laundering regulations in force, donations for amounts of 100 EUR or more require the donor to send a copy of his national identity card (DNI) or other recognised document proving identity.

Bank account for donations made via transfer:
IBAN: ES63 0081 0596 6100 0264 1768
BANK: Sabadell Solbank
OFFICE: Avda. Clemente Díaz, 4 – 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga

One-off donations cannot be cancelled nor returned. To cancel a donation, this must be communicated to us at the email address giving notice as 15 days before, and specifying in the subject line “CANCELACIÓN DONACIÓN PERIÓDICA” (CANCELLATION OF REGULAR DONATION).

International donations

Our virtual platform enables us to accept donations from all around the world.

Response after making a donation

Once your donation has been processed, you will get the “Donation received” page where we will thank you again. If you require a hard copy of the receipt for tax purposes, please contact us and we will be happy to provide the corresponding proof of payment. We remind you that all donations made to the FUNDACIÓN ALEJANDRO DAVIDOVICH by anyone whom for tax purposes is resident in Spain are tax deductible from personal or corporate income tax (if the donor is a natural person in the first case, or a legal entity in the second). In the event that the donation is made from abroad, the tax regulations in force in each country apply. For more information about tax deductions, see the bottom of this page.

Collection and treatment of information from donors

Please consult our legal warning for information relating to the treatment of data provided by donors. This information will be used exclusively by the FUNDACIÓN ALEJANDRO DAVIDOVICH for accounting purposes. This data shall not be used for other purposes.

Other queries

For any additional queries about our Donations and Privacy Policies, please contact us.

Tax benefits

Individual contributors as well as companies have the possibility to deduct the donations within the income statements and corporate tax returns.

These are the tax benefits for the individuals and the legal entities in Spain:

One-off donations Recurring donations *
80% exemption
Remaining amount > 150 € anually
35% exemption
First 150 € amually
80% exemption
Remaining amount > 150 € anually
40% exemption
LEGAL ENTITIES Full amount 35% exemption Full amount 40% exemption

* Provided that the donations made towards the FUNDACIÓN ALEJANDRO DAVIDOVICH in the two previous tax periods (excluding the current one) amount, each of them, equal or exceeding those of the previous period. The exemption limit is 10% of the net base. Those quantities unapplied due to insufficient payment or to exceeding the 10% limit are not transferable to future periods. Due to operational reasons the FUNDACIÓN ALEJANDRO DAVIDOVICH will not issue donation certificates to donors who are not paying taxes in Spain if the donation amount is less than 100 €.