El cuidado de los perros

Caring of dogs

Depending on the nature of your dog’s fur, you may need to brush or fix it more or less often. A long-haired dog, understandably, needs more care than a very short-haired dog. Especially during periods of natural fur change, in spring and autumn, you should regularly remove loose hairs from your dog.

Bathe your dog only in exceptional circumstances, for example when it has rolled into something and smells bad. It is best to use a special mild shampoo that degreases the skin and hair as little as possible. For less smelly dirt, it is also enough to rinse the dog with warm water. This has much less effect on the natural fat content of fur and skin than shampoo or soap. Regular baths can lead to diseases of your animal’s skin.

Even if you find it cute, please don’t make your dog wear clothes or shoes. If dogs use them all the time, the fur and skin are damaged. Other than that, no healthy dog needs a raincoat or winter boots. The coat and legs protect the animals sufficiently against all climatic influences. Only for old or sick dogs, which move only slowly outside, a protection against cold in winter can make sense. Most of dog clothes offer only benefit manufacturers and trade. Dog clothes of purely fashionable aspects should be rejected both from the point of view of animal protection and for ethical reasons.

Maintaining a dog