La adopción de un perro

Adopting a dog

It is best to bring a puppy to your family when it is nine to eleven weeks old. The little dog has stopped weaning from its mother. In addition, it has spent a first part of the very important phase of growing in the safe company of the mother and siblings. During this period, it learns to have self-confidence in dealing with other living beings and their environment. But now is the time for new impressions before the growing phase is over and learning becomes more difficult for him.

But it doesn’t always have to be a puppy. Even older dogs quickly get used to a new environment. The important thing is that you and the dog fit together. When choosing a dog, the external characteristics must be secondary. The characteristics of the dog are much more important for its harmonious coexistence.

At the shelter, many dogs are anxiously waiting for a new home and loving owners to give them a second chance. Many of these dogs live temporarily in a shelter because the living conditions of their previous owners have changed or because the previous owner has had the dog without considering all the important points. In the shelter you will receive information about the dogs and you can meet your candidates in peace and tranquility by taking a walk together first. “Smell” each other and see if the chemistry is correct.

Hybrids are considered robust and less susceptible. In any case, many of them are, in fact, particularly intelligent and often exceptionally beautiful unique specimens. Even if you absolutely want a dog with pedigree by your side, you can find one in shelters. Also, the “nobility of dogs” is unfortunately not granted before delivery to the shelter.

When an animal is chosen from the shelter, it actively contributes to the welfare of the animals.

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