La educación de un gato

A cat’s education

A good education begins with mutual understanding. A pet owner should know and observe the behavior of cats and the special characteristics of these.

Observing ability and intelligence make cats trainable, but not in the way of training dogs. Cats are very sensitive to punishment or harsh words. This should be taboo. Otherwise, the animal does not gain confidence in humans. Cats learn when they enjoy something. Otherwise, every effort is in vain. Cats react to certain calls, know their name and know what humans mean by certain words. However, they only come when it suits them.

The cat can’t resist a world of adventure. He loves discovering new things. If the cat gets carried away by the thirst for adventure and has gone too far from home, it is important to remain calm. Despite the grief caused by the cat’s disappearance for several days, his return should not be punished. The animal would associate it with his return and not with his departure.

Home cleaning education

Cats are very clean animals and are therefore often quickly domesticated. Put the kitten immediately in the sandbox when it starts wanting to do its “needs”. After feeding and immediately after the kitten has fallen asleep, you should avoid an accident and take it to the respective “loo”. As soon as the young cat drops feces or urine into the sandbox, you should praise it with kind words.

If the kitten fails going to the sandbox once, the punishment is inappropriate. The animal cannot associate it with bad behavior and will only worry. It is important to always keep the sandbox clean, because clean cats are very sensitive to odors and avoid a dirty bathroom. Cat sand should be low in powder and without odor additives. Because animals outside deposit their droppings and urine in different places, at least two toilets must be installed in a cat’s home for a cat in two different quiet places. An additional bathroom is required for each additional cat. Cat baths with lids are not recommended, as odors and dust accumulate underneath and annoy sensitive animals. The toilet should also be as large as possible so that the cat can scratch and turn easily.

Cat nutrition
The care of cats