Un gato entra en la casa

A cat enters the house

The best age to adopt a young cat from its mother is in their 10th – 12th week of life. At this age kittens are weaned of their mother and get used to their new family and environment. Older cats, however, tend to get used to their new family and their surroundings quickly and become grate companions. In animal shelters, there are countless adult cats waiting for a home in addition to small cats. Buying a breed cat with characteristics- an extremely short nose, sloping ears or without fur – is not a good decision in terms of animal welfare. These animals suffer the consequences of being breed animals throughout their lives.

Cats are creatures who get used to a habitual way of living, which can react very sensitively to changes. During the first few hours after arriving at the new house, the kitten needs a lot of rest. Firstly, it must face the lack of maternal tenderness and siblings. Even an adult cat would like to have time to get to know the new environment and especially people who are still unknown. The approach to humans then comes of its own free will. Cats are very curious, as long as you give them the time they need.

If you want to give your cat the company of a another one, it’s best to bring two kittens together. With adult cats a socialization is recommended, if the animal has lived with other cats and likes it. With cats, who prefer to be alone, it is better to avoid this idea. In any case, the reunion of two foreign cats should be done very carefully and step by step.

Especially for only indoor cats, who often have to be left alone during the day, it’s definitely better if they have a playmate. When you take two kittens, for example, they can be littermates. Same-sex animals tend to fit better. Two men or two women are similar in self-confidence and in the way they treat each other. Males often treat their social partners rudely and “stage” when they reach sexual maturity. The situation is similar in cats of different ages. A young, agile cat can quickly get on the nerves of an older and calmed cat.

In the cat rooms of animal shelters, animals can be observed lying together, licking and playing with each other. These are indications that these animals would also get along in a private home.

If there is already a cat living in the house, the choice of the second cat should be based on self-confidence, internal socialization of the species, age and sex of the individuals involved. Too many differences in self-confidence and temperament are often problematic.

The stress signals of cats should be considered, even after successful socialization. If a cat is not comfortable in their environment, this can lead to behavioral problems, such as dirt.

How to earn the cat’s trust

The easiest way to earn the cat’s affection is to offer him conditions that make him choose between human society and loneliness. Cats value their independence. They let themselves be pet when it suits them. Their affection increases the more they feel they can organize their lives as they wish.

Animals want to make their own decisions, even when it comes to petting.

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